Alicia is an extremely creative singer - both artistically and technically stunning. She fluently uses a wide variety of tones and nuances in her singing. Singing with the soul of singers such as Janis Joplin but with the ability to switch into a beautiful and sweet singing style that is of equal gravitas. Very versatile as a vocalist whilst maintaining a distinctive sound. 

Julia Mosley - Musician



All About Alicia

Alicia performed her first solo on stage at five years old and has never looked back! As a child, she developed her love of performing via attending theatre schools, including as a part time student of the renowned Sylvia Young's. Her early experience with musical theatre includes performing in the West End at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and her first professional recording experience aged 8 saw her recording regularly for nationwide company Early Learning Centre.

In her teenage years, Alicia received agency interest from Disney and became an under 16 singing finalist at the International Presentation of Performers, held in New York, an experience that saw her perform on Broadway stages. During her time in America, Alicia also gained label interest from Virgin Records and Upscale Records LA. Aged 16 and with a passion for all the arts, Alicia was selected as an 'Artist of the Future' by the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, undergoing an intensive training programme with professional Shakespearean and West End actors. She has also undergone various dramatic training for Television and film.

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Growing up, Alicia moved away from Musical Theatre and acting to develop her distinctive rock and blues tone, and learned the importance of loving her voice for its individuality. A rekindled interest in musical instruments further brought about her talent for songwriting. Always of a curious and creative nature, Alicia began teaching herself instruments aged four and makes it a mission in life to play every instrument that exists! As a result, Alicia has an impeccable understanding of music theory, with a Grade 8 in Popular Music Theory, a Grade 8 Jazz Alto Saxophone, and a fervent love of guitar. Alicia plays various other instruments including the piano, ukulele, tin whistle, harmonica, and even the didgeridoo! She is currently teaching herself the violin.

University saw Alicia continue her musical development, receiving a First Class BA Honours in Popular Music & Creative Writing. Alicia has a passion for live music, and it was during her time at university that she received the accolade of Personality of the Year 2013/14 for running and hosting a live music scene. With a raw, unique voice and vibrant personality, Alicia is well known for emotive, lively performances, something that has seen her scouted and shortlisted for BBC's 'The Voice' 2016. A distinct songwriting style, Alicia has also been picked to work with industry professionals as a Young Songwriter at the prestigious Roundhouse in Camden, London. Alicia has performed as frontwoman of both Rock and Jazz bands, provided backing vocals for folk artists, and as a solo singer/songwriter. Her interest in the music industry has also seen Alicia on an internship with Coalition Talent Ltd, one of the leading Live Music Agencies in the country representing the likes of Radio 1 DJs Greg James and Clara Amfo. With an interest in A & R, Alicia worked closely with the Coffee House Sessions, an acoustic platform for up and coming artists that has toured acts such as The Shires.


Alicia believes every voice is as individual as the person who owns it. Hence, she doesn't define her teaching by just one method, and instead believes a multidisciplinary and open-minded approach to teaching and coaching is best! Always building on her knowledge, Alicia incorporates a variety of methods, utilising a vast toolbox to provide exercises and lesson plans that suit each unique student.


In Autumn 2015 and April 2019, Alicia completed her Levels 1 & 2 training of the revolutionary Estill Voice Training. Drawing on groundbreaking research, Estill offers a logical and scientific understanding of the voice and its anatomy, making singing accessible to everyone - we all have the same equipment, it's just how we use it! 

Most recently, in July 2021, Alicia has ventured into the work of renowned vocal coach and signing teacher Jeanette LoVetri, undergoing and completing her Somatic Voicework™ Levels 1, 2 and 3. Aligning much with her own ethos of teaching, Somatic Voicework™ teaches the person not the larynx, connecting emotion with the voice, and has the primary goal of creating full functional freedom of sound-making, no matter the style of singing!



A keen interest in vocal science and in aiding others, Alicia became a volunteer with her local Speech & Language Therapy team in 2015, shadowing vocal specialists and volunteering as a Communication Partner with stroke patients. In April 2021, Alicia received accreditation as a Vocal Health First Aider, with aims to continue her vocal health journey in the near future to become a Vocal Rehabilition Specialist. A great believer in the healing power of music, and having taught an entire array of students, Alicia ensures lessons are welcoming and a safe space to explore the vulnerable and personal elements of the voice. Incorporating her own personal experience and empathetic nature alongside her on-going exploration into techniques, from Acceptance and Commitment Training for Music Performace Anxiety to singing for the benefit of various health issues, Alicia regularly aims to deepen her understanding of the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of the voice. She continues to explore Speech & Language Therapy and Performance Psychology through her own studies and active attendance at industry workshops and clinical forums hosting world-leading coaches, laryngoligist and SLTs. From November 2021, Alicia is undertaking her PG Cert in Professional Practice (Voice Pedagogy) with a specialism in Performance Coaching.

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Aside from music, Alicia has a great interest in Creative Writing and Art and recently completed a Master's degree in Publishing Media, combining her passions for storytelling, art and music via designing interactive musical books for children. In her spare time, she is an enthusiastic, amateur bookbinder. A previous pursuit of Music Journalism has also seen Alicia experience the music industry in another light, undergoing work experience at nationwide rock magazine KERRANG!

Alicia currently keeps in touch with her love of film and drama via occasional work as a Background Artist, making featured appearances in blockbusters. 

Alicia is a member of the Musician's Union and AoToS, and holds an Enhanced DBS check.